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There Are Several Types Of Shower Room
Oct 12, 2018

1, the box shower room is made of aluminum frame, tempered glass and pulley accessories, form a frame structure.

Advantages: The box shower room can give a person a sense of security, no need to replace accessories, the service life is more durable.

Defects: Old style, easy to dirty, need to wash frequently.

2. No frame shower room

The box shower room and the box shower room is the opposite one form, is in recent years very popular style, uses the hardware fitting to replace the aluminum frame to connect the glass.

Advantages: Simple, stylish, looks more transparent and refreshing.

Defects: Waterproof tape often come into contact with water, easy to aging, need to change frequently, hardware accessories if the quality is not good or improper installation, more simple to happen self-destruct.

3, non-standard shower room

Non-standard shower room is a bathroom according to the actual situation and a custom-made shower room, and in the material selection, style, size and so on are based on the requirements of the owners to customize.

Advantages: The use of high efficiency, to meet consumer demand, modelling is also beautiful. Defects: Need to have enough bathroom space, production requirements are relatively high.

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