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Shower Room Accessories Material
Oct 12, 2018

First, water-retaining stone Water-retaining stone, there are two kinds of artificial and natural.

Natural stone is not too high, is now paved with the application of the bathhouse of the floor tiles, artificial stone molding, no seams, it is not simple remnants of debris, but relatively high, suitable for rough decoration.

Second, pulley Now the main points are aluminum alloy and stainless steel two raw materials, stainless steel acid, quality is very good, so slightly expensive 200-300 yuan/square meters, however, is not all stainless steel is goods, domestic 201, 202 of the goods simple rust, at least to use 304 talent to resist rust.

Third, the trajectory The trajectory is also optional shower room technology live, some shower room in the use of late presentation problems, are pulleys caused by the disaster. Many pulleys are lined with nylon coats, but there are worlds. Good choice with 204 stainless steel pulley, followed by the selection of copper material, as for the alloy material, simple rust, attributed to the poor materials, time long a simple drop attack danger.

The quality of the pulley is not difficult to distinguish, you can try it from a hand, the introduction of stainless steel to very smooth, and relatively poor demand for the goods of the strong ability to move around.

Four, Glass This also by the quality of the box edge resolution, good stainless steel can accept 10mm, 12mm thick tempered glass, good aluminum alloy grasp 8mm thick glasses No problem, poor force of the border, can only accept 5m m, 6mm thick glass, the safety of natural low some. Glass selection, automotive-grade glass tempered degree of excellence, look very transparent, no particles and pinhole. There is also an easy-clean glass, shampoo, bath liquid adhesion on the top, will drop like water, not like ordinary glass after long-term use of a layer of gray grime.

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