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Performance Of Electric Ball Valve
Oct 12, 2018

First, is the control element, in the fluid pipeline system application, is very extensive, its use is also very many, has the very good effect to the control flow, the pressure, the reflux and so on. Because of the quality of the electric ball valve, the safety of the pipeline, there is a great impact, so in the selection of electric ball valve, it is necessary to follow certain steps and basis for selection.

Second, clear their own company's pipe caliber, know the need to choose what caliber and connection mode of electric ball valve.

Third, according to the needs of the pipeline, first determine the electric ball valve Some common parameters, such as the discharge capacity, allowable flow resistance, valve seat hole size and so on, these parameters if not selected, electric ball valve control flow effect, will be greatly discounted.

Four, according to the working temperature of the pipe, choose the right material, of course, the work pressure of the pipeline, but also to be taken into account.

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