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Electrical Control Of Electric Ball Valve
Oct 12, 2018

As the requirements of industrial automation have always improved, on the one hand, the application of electric valves more and more, on the other hand, the control requirements of electric valves are more and more high, more and more complex. So the electric valve in the electrical control design is also always updated. With the continuous improvement of Shanghai Ming-bao valve and popularization of computer, new and diversified electric control methods will always appear. For the overall control of electric valve, should pay attention to choose the control mode of electric valve. For example, according to the project needs, whether the use of centralized control, or a single control mode, whether with other equipment linkage, order control or application of computer order control, etc., its control principle is different. Valve Electric Equipment Manufacturers sample is only the standard electrical control principle, so the application department should be with the electric device consumption plant technical disclosure, clear technical requirements.

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